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Sleek feet at your fingertips



telling a description and the benefits of a callus removing device
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Effortless and Effective

Bid farewell to manual scrubbing and harsh chemicals. Our callus-removing machine effortlessly buffs away rough, dead skin with its gentle rotating head, revealing the soft, supple feet you've always desired.

Why callus matters?

A callus is thickened skin caused by friction or pressure. They should be removed as they can be uncomfortable, cause pain, and increase infection risk this is particularly important for individuals with diabetes or compromised immune systems who may have reduced healing capabilities. Leaving callus untreated can result in deep skin ulcerations, cellulitis and abscess formation which will then require more advanced and more costly care.

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From Rough to Radiant: Unveiling the Power of Transformation!

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What plug type is it?

Its USB type A (5V 1A)

Can I use it while I am taking a shower?

Yes, you can. The device is water proof

How should I sanitise the heads after each use?

You can sanitise it with alcohol sprays, its not normally recommended but do it if your callus has overriding infection or signs of subtle bleeding